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What is Banya?

Banya is typically known to be a steam bath with a stove. The word “Banya” actually means “cleansing of a body with the help of steam.” The Banya was also sometimes called the peoples “first doctor” - and for a good reason! There is actual evidence that the banya has a numerous amount  of health benefits! Here are some of those:


The benefits of the banya are both physical and mental. Typically visited with friends or family it is a sociable and enjoyable activity that will improve your mood. With the stress from our everyday lives, the banya helps you reconnect with yourself and your friends, with no social media or phones, it is a guaranteed way to refresh and mentally recharge. In the steam rooms your muscles relax which stimulate the production of endorphins and promotes the release of stress and tension.

Respiratory System

The steam clears and opens up our respiratory system. The steam will help you breathe more freely by unblocking your sinuses. Regular visits to the banya helps to fight off colds, viruses, asthma, laryngitis and more. It also improves our lung function and endurance. The humidity and high temperatures in the banya make it hard for any virus to survive.


The steam from the banya opens up your skin’s pores, which removes toxic substances, sweat and dead skin cells. This ames the skin softer and fresher. The heat also stimulates vessels which increase the blood flow throughout your body easily. Visiting the banya frequently will normalize the function of sweat glands, which slow down the development of wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Weight Management 

The steam of the banya can eliminate fat from the body. When we sweat, the sweat itself comes from fat. This activity can help flush away unwanted fat from some areas of the body. Visiting the banya can also help improve your metabolic system. It helps in digestibility of proteins, which changes the fat into energy, which can help to increase body metabolism. Frequent visits to the banya is a great way to manage weight, and decrease weight gain too.

Immune System 

The constant high to low temperature changes in the banya, our immune system strengthens. The heat creates this artificial “fever” which stimulates the immune system. With the drastic temperature changes, our body begins to produce more white cells which fight off viruses and bacteria. Frequent visits to the banya is an amazing preventative against any future sickness or illness.

Musculoskeletal System

The banya has a lot of positive benefits for the bones, joints and muscles. Many athletes have integrated the banya into their everyday training regimes to promote greater flexibility and recovery time. The steam reduces muscle pain if the muscles are stiff or sore after an exercise or a workout. The banya makes muscles and joints more flexible, which is beneficial to those recovering from injuries.

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