Finnish Sauna

Come and experience our traditional Finnish sauna, with a real authentic stove brought in straight from Finland!

The temperature in this small wooden Finnish sauna is really high - reaching to 100°C! The hot air in this room is really dry, this makes it the perfect environment to relax the muscles and purify your body, since there is no water added to make any steam. Since there is no steam you are able to sit in this sauna longer, unwind, and slowly sweat your stress away.


Saunas are an important part of the Finnish culture. The earliest Sauna in Finland was found two thousand years ago - in the ground! The saunas were built later above ground for easy access. They are a place for friends and family to relax both physically and mentally.

It is tradition to wear hats in the sauna! These hats also originated from Finland itself! These special hats are made from natural materials that are not affected by the sauna’s hot temperatures. Wearing these hats protects your head from the heat of the sauna!

Finnish sauna
Russian style sauna

13110 Yonge Street Unit#1,

Richmond Hill ON L4E 1A3

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 4 pm - 12 am
Saturday -Sunday 12 pm - 12 am


Adults $60.00
Children under 10 years old $30.00
10 visits pass $480.00


Phone   289-234-0500

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