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*Please note that menu items vary seasonally & daily to ensure quality.

Cured Pork (Salo)
Cured Pork (Salo) $12

Melt in your mouth cured pork, made in house from a recipe we’ve used our whole lives. Ideal snack with vodka or for an indulgent mood.

Chahohbili $20

An aromatic Georgian Chicken Stew made with coriander, potatoes, a unique blend of Georgian spices (made in-house), served in a tomato broth.

Mushroom Julienne $9

Loads of white mushrooms baked in a cream sauce and broiled until the cheese pops. True comfort.

Pickled Plate
Pickled Plate $12

The pickle plate is a steamer favourite! Pickled tomatoes, pickles, and sauerkraut.

Lamb Pilaf $20

This dish is cooked for hours in a kazan (a giant dutch oven) until it’s the perfect consistency. The bottom must be almost burnt, saturating the rice with a caramelized aroma. The melted garlic cloves are the best part.

Draniki $18

Potato pancakes are associated with various European cuisines. In Ukraine, they are called “deruny”.

Chicken Tabaka Menu Item
Chicken Tapaka $26

This crispy Georgian chicken is flattened and fried under a heavy weight. Coriandre and garlic are the main players.

Borsch  $10

Everyone knows this classic Ukrainian soup, but have you tried the real deal?

Salyanka $12

It is a rich and hearty soup that is popular in Eastern Europe. Sausage, olives, pickle, sour cream, lemon…delicious meaty broth.​

Soup Kharcho  $12

A national Georgian soup made on a tomato base, with a pleasant peppery heat.

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